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Optical system for orbital detector of extreme-high-energy cosmic ray

An optical system of a Schmidt-type telescope for orbital detection is proposed. The system contains a spherical mirror and correction plate with one aspherical surface and has the following characteristics: field of view (FoV) is 40 deg, entrance pupil diameter is 2.5 m, diameter of spherical mirror is 4 m, and f -number is 0.74. The system with the described parameters has image spot size of 3.2-mm (RMS) diameter for the axial beam and 4 mm (RMS) on the edge of the FoV, which is less than the diagonal of the detectors square pixel of 3×3 mm2 3×3  mm2.

Vladislav V. Druzhin; Daniil T. Puryaev; Sergey A. Sharakin
J. of Astronomical Telescopes, Instruments, and Systems, 4(1), 014002 (2018).

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