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Transient luminous events

UV Transient Atmospheric Events Observed Far From Thunderstorms by the Vernov Satellite
30.06.2018 Klimov P.A., Kaznacheeva M.A., Khrenov B.A., Garipov G.K., Bogomolov V.V., Panasyuk M.I., Svertilov S.I., Cremonini R.

Vernov Satellite Data of Transient Atmospheric Events
29.12.2017 Klimov Pavel, Garipov Gali, Khrenov Boris, Morozenko Violetta, Barinova Vera, Bogomolov Vitaly, Kaznacheeva Margarita, Panasyuk Mikhail, Saleev Kirill, Svertilov Sergey


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23rd JEM-EUSO International Meeting 28.06.2018

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International symposium on Ultra-High-Energy Cosmic Rays, UHECR2018


This UHECR workshop will cover recent results from UHECR observations and theoretical developments as well as future plans.  The symposium will focus on the highest energy cosmic rays as well as cosmic rays at lower energies above 1 PeV, and on multi-messenger approaches.
Review talks by invited speakers and contributions including posters will be presented by experimentalists and theorists in plenary sessions.

UHECR 2018 will take place in the heart of Paris, at “Chimie Paris Tech” Campus (formerly know as the "Ecole Nationale de Chimie Supérieure de Paris ").

Event information is already available on the conference website at

https://indico.in2p3.fr/event/17063 .